Less  than  two  weeks   apart  from  a  fresh and  totally  unknown  New  Year  ahead , a  whole  range  of  emotions  are  invading  our  souls .  Some  have  many  reasons  for  which  to  be  grateful  to  God  for  the  year  that  passes  slowly  behind  (  if  it  is  either  a  professional  achievement ,  or  simply  a minute   personal  one ) ,  for  many  more  however ,  the  end  of  the  year  seems  to  be  a  milestone  which  painfully  reminds  of  the  passing  of   another  year  into  eternity .

In  whatever time zone  would  you  live  ,  the cooler nights and darker mornings  ,  along with  the  temperatures  and  light  changes  ,  certainly  brings  many  more  changes  in  schedules ,  routines ,  expectations  and  even  relationships .  Young  or  old ,  nobody  is   immune  to  it .

Though many people consider spring to be the  time of new beginnings ,  the  autumn and  winter  is that for many people , too  . It is a time of reflection on the summer and the year thus far, as well as a time of preparation for the upcoming holidays  and  the  new  year ahead  and the physical, emotional, and relational ways you may be affected by this transition are  so  important .

The impact of light and temperature on the human body is profound. We all need some level of light and warmth for our bodies to survive and thrive.  Whatever your preference – if  either  for  warmth or  cooler air ,  for  bright  light  or  darkness –  the change in season will  certainly  affect you  at  a  point  or  another . Understanding the  changes  and learning  how  to respond  to the  needs will help you prepare for  whatever this  season is  bringing .

Many people struggle with seasonal affective mood issues, commonly referred to as   the  seasonal  affective disorder ( SAD)   –  a type  of  depression   related to the change in seasons. For most of the  people , this begins  during   fall and continues throughout  the winter months. It’s  usually   marked by low energy  ,  moodiness  ,  difficulty  in  sleeping  a lack of interest in activities  and   in  relationships  , feeling hopeless, and an overall sense of depression. Known more casually as “the winter blues,”  the   SAD can have a significant impact on your mood and relationships .

In order  to  help you prepare facing  SAD  with  a  positive  attitude  instead , ask yourself first  the following questions:

  • Do you find yourself sleeping more? Are you struggling to get out of bed?
  • Do you feel less patient? Are you easily annoyed or irritated?
  • Do you feel more energized and productive?
  • Is it harder or easier to exercise now?
  • Has there been a shift or change in any of your relationships in the  recent weeks?
  • Are you actively involved in your relationships?

Answering these questions could give you some insight about how the change in season may or may not be affecting you. Regardless of whether you are affected  or  not  by the  SAD, there are still  few  key points that will successfully  help you navigate and manage any seasonal changes , whenever  they  come .

  1. Exercise, exercise, exercise !  Moving your body on a regular basis has far-reaching and  very  positive effects on your physical and emotional health. You don’t need to train for a marathon.   Even  walking around your neighborhood   is a  type  of  exercise  which  beside  being  relaxing  , helps  keeping  the  skeleto-muscular  system  in  shape  . Doing push-ups ,  or  even  running around while  playing  outside  with the  children ,  these all have as  well  the same benefit.
  2. More light  ,  is  definitely  another very  important  way  .  Since many of  the   jobs now  are  done  mostly  indoors , spending  more  time  outside   under  the  sun  often   takes  an  effort  .  Everyone needs to be exposed  to sunlight on a daily basis and  the  research  in  the  past  few  years  proved  the  tremendous  importance  of the   Vitamin  D  for  the  general  health  and  immunity . But the benefits are definitely  far greater , physically and emotionally.  The energy and emotional boost that we get  after  only   a few minutes  under  the sun can be exceptional .
  3. Talk it out !   All transitions have their challenges, and it’s always easier when you’re talking  to someone else about it.  Whether you’re talking to a friend, coworker, or  the  therapist , it  is   feeling  always   a  relief whenever  letting  someone  into your inner thoughts and experiences .
  4. And ,  most  of  all ,  paying  attention  to  Nutrition  is  probably  the  most  important  of  all .  Certain  nutritional  deficiencies ,  the  excess  of  refined  products  ,  wheat   products  and  sugar  in  special ,  as  well  as  the  processed  foods  are  blacklisted  for  long  time   as  the  number  one  triggers  for  depression .  Avoiding  those and  increasing  instead  the  amount  of  fruits  and  vegetables  ,  a  good  supply  of  super foods and  vitamin  B12   has  no  other  effect  but  a  prepared  body  to  face  smoothly   the  season  ahead  .

What works best for you as you enter a new season? What tips or techniques do you have to share with others ? Feel free   to  share  your experiences  with us . Let’s learn from each other !

THE  BEST  AND   HAPPIEST   HOLIDAYS  ever ,    To  All  !

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